Dental Implants and Crowns Sydney

Stop putting off your visit to a trusted Sydney dentist.

Delaying a dental check-up for a week or two could lead to serious tooth problems and other unpleasant dental health issues. Most dental conditions get worse when signs of cavities are constantly ignored.

Cracked or broken teeth are commonly caused by neglect or poor oral hygiene. But if your teeth have been damaged, do not worry. It is still possible to restore their structure and sparkle, without pain.

Ask us at Wynyard Dental clinic about the latest and most effective dental implants Sydney has to offer. When done right, dental implants are comfortable, stable and natural. No one will ever know that you have lost a tooth. Complete your smile, look younger and eat any food you want – even the crunchy and chewy ones. Speak to us about the implant options that will solve your specific dental problem and suit your budget.

Another good way of restoring the size, shape and strength of your teeth or enhancing their appearance is through the use of dental crowns. In Sydney our technicians apply cutting-edge technologies in cosmetic dentistry to design and create specialised fixtures to fit, correct and protect your teeth.

Come to Wynward Dental Clinic today and find out the most suitable treatment option for your dental condition. Ring us for your appointment on (02) 9262 5331, or schedule a visit by sending us an email at

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