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Emergency Care at Wynyard Dental Clinic

If you’ve ever had a toothache or broken a tooth, you know how scary and painful the experience can be. Dental injuries are quite common, but never something that you can be fully prepared for. Fortunately, our family dentists offer same-day emergency care to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

What should you do if you’re experiencing tooth pain or another type of dental emergency? Here are some of the most common situations we see in our practice and what you should do before you call. Woman with extreme jaw pain

  • Broken or Lost Fillings — Old fillings may gradually start to weaken and leak, predisposing them to fractures if they aren’t replaced intermittently. If your filling falls out, we will need to place a new one or a crown over the tooth. Avoid chewing on that side of your mouth, and make an appointment at your earliest convenience. Temporary filling material (from the chemist) can be used for a day or two to limit sensitivity.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth — Locate your tooth and store it in a sealed container, completely submerged in milk or contact solution. If you’re careful enough, you can also tuck it inside of your cheek to keep it coated in saliva. Visible debris should be rinsed away, but do not scrub the roots clean as this can prevent your tooth from being reinserted. Get to our office within the hour.
  • Chipped Teeth — Follow the same instructions as if you knocked out a tooth. If needed, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. For bleeding, apply a clean compress and change it out as necessary.
  • Loose Teeth — Traumatic injuries can cause teeth to loosen in their socket. Unless it’s a baby tooth, don’t be tempted to move it or take it out. Call our office to arrange an emergency appointment. In most situations we will brace the tooth against one of the neighbouring teeth, allowing it to heal.
  • Abscesses and Toothaches — Tooth pain can be due to active cavities, cracked teeth or infected nerves. If there is visible swelling in your gums or you’re unable to eat because the pressure hurts your tooth, we need to see you at your earliest convenience.

Customised Dental Care

Our first mission is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. From there, we want to help you retain your natural smile for a lifetime. Contact Wynyard Dental Clinic straightaway if you need emergency care Sydney CBD. CONTACT US

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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