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Crowns and Bridges at Wynyard Dental Clinic

Do you have teeth that are broken, worn, decayed or missing? Maybe you’ve looked in the mirror and felt unhappy about the way your smile is shaped. Fortunately, custom ceramic restorations like crowns and bridges can restore your bite and help your smile look its best.

Although crowns and bridges are restorative treatments, they’re made in an aesthetic manner that also complements your overall appearance.

Illustration of dental crown

Crowns Strengthen and Protect

A crown (sometimes called a “cap”) is a restoration that we place over teeth to prevent the remaining structure from breaking apart during everyday use. It covers the whole tooth up to the gum tissue. We use them when a badly decayed or broken tooth can’t be repaired with a filling, due to the lack of healthy structure that’s left.

Your crown is made of a custom-matched ceramic material, making it less noticeable when you’re around other people.

We recommend crowns after root canal treatment, on top of dental implants (for missing teeth) and when there’s a large fracture or cavity.

Illustration of dental bridge

Bridge to Replace Missing Teeth

Do you have a missing tooth? If there are healthy teeth on either side of the space, getting a dental bridge is a straightforward solution for restoring your smile. Bridges span the width of the gap, anchored at each end with a built-in crown that slips over the supporting teeth.

Like crowns, your bridge is made out of matched porcelain to mimic the look and feel of natural tooth enamel. With a bridge, you won’t have to worry about smiling with a missing tooth or chewing on one side of your mouth.

If you have multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge is an ideal alternative to a removable denture.

A Two-Visit Process

Each of our custom crowns and bridges is hand designed by a ceramist in one of our partnering dental labs. This process means that we have two phases of treatment, with the first being a “prep” appointment and about two weeks later, your placement visit.

During your first visit we’ll need to numb the teeth being prepped, minimising any sensitivity. We’ll reshape the specific teeth so that a restoration can slip over it without feeling too bulky. Next, we’ll take an impression, then put a temporary crown over your tooth while the permanent version is being created. At the second visit, we remove the temporary and cement the final crown or bridge into place. You won’t need any anaesthetic at the second visit.

Quality Restorations for Healthier Teeth

Our durable ceramics look as great as they function. Contact Wynyard Dental Clinic to book a consultation for crowns and bridges Sydney CBD. Comfortable sedation options are available!

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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