Dentist in Sydney CBD

Do you cover your mouth each time you laugh? Do you feel embarrassed having teeth with horrid gaps? Or do your jaws or a jagged row of teeth hurt every time you bite or chew?

Now is the best time to speak to our dentists for orthodontic treatment.

At Wynyard Dental Clinic, we keep up with the latest dental technologies and techniques to ensure that you get the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. Get beautifully aligned teeth, free of pain, through our orthodontic procedures.

Whether you want to improve the appearance or comfort of your mouth, you need to know how much braces and Invisalign cost in Sydney. But remember that it is hard to put a price on a stunning smile. It is also difficult to quote the exact amount you need to pay without undergoing a comprehensive dental exam first. So, it would be impractical to choose an orthodontic dentist in Sydney CBD on the basis of cost alone.

Most orthodontic treatments have long-lasting results that you will have to live with. Avoid disappointment and wasting money by choosing the right dental practitioner in the first place. With our dentists’ expertise and 50 years of combined experience, it’s guaranteed that you will get healthy, sparkling, straight teeth after the procedure.

Only a few of us are born with dazzling straight teeth. And the prospect of obtaining perfectly aligned teeth seems elusive, especially when insurance plans do not cover it. But here at Wynyard Dental Clinic, we make your dream smile painlessly possible through the braces and Invisalign we have on offer.

Allow us to assess your dental concerns so we can suggest the best treatment options and arrange a flexible payment plan for you.

Gain back your laughter and improve your smile by ringing us today for an appointment on (02) 9262 5331. Alternatively, email us at with any questions.

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